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Name: Digital Video Recorder Car Camera Camcorder
2.7'' HD Screen with GPS Logger,Compact Body,Highlight Big Lens and Metal Texture Surface design.
    Premium night vision by f/2.3 big aperture lens and infrared LEDs, and unique Wide Dynamic Range(WDR) video system.
    When the gravity acceleration u

Product Description


2.7'' HD Screen with GPS Logger 1080p Car Camcorder D68 is a compact full HD camcorder with an ultra-wide angle lens and large aperture that allows you to record your trip in remarkable detail even in low light. The built-in G-force sensor can detect a collision and initiate Emergency Video Recording which makes it easy to retrieve for replay. The included car power adapter has a long cord for easy installation and assures the camera is always ready. When you start the car, this camcorder automatically starts recording video with no need to push any button

Built-In G-Force and Motion Sensor
The built-in G-force sensor can detect accidental events and trigger Emergency Video Recording mode. These emergency recordings are date and time-stamped as well as protected from loop recording overwrites.

Loop Recording
The Car Camcorder D68 records video clips of 3 or 5 minute lengths (customer selectable) on to the installed microSDHC memory card. The standard loop recording technology prevents storage overload by erasing the oldest previously recorded file and replacing it with a new one.

Small Size with a Big View
The small size of the Car Camcorder D68 makes itself easy to be installed without obstructing your view. It is equipped with a 170° ultra-wide angle lens to capture all the critical elements with little edge-to-edge distortion. While driving at night, the D68 offers crystal clear resolution while capturing the vivid colors of the surrounding lights.