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Name: Hausbell 3 Pack Portable Outdoor Water Resistant LED Lantern
  • Super bright. Adopt 3 COB Strip LEDs instead of led bulbs, easily illuminated the entirety of a pitch black room with 360 degree of luminous light and energy efficient.
  • Lightweight and compact to store. At 5.12" high and 3.5" wide, it fits neatly in a backpack, vehicle glove compartment and most drawers
  • Durable and Versatile. Made of extra tough, military grade Environmental friendly plastic. An excellent gift for any outdoorsman, for a power outage or for use outside cooking or even working on the car(oil changing, maintenance).
  • Easy to use. To turn on the lantern just take the metal handles, pull them out/up, and pull upward. The lantern opens and the light turns on automatically. To turn the light off just close the lantern
  • Power supply. Every light requires 3 double A batteries for operation (not included).