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Name: Hausbell SP18B 18W Portable Foldable Solar Charger
Directly Charge Small Electronics with Double USB Port
    Charge iPad 、 iPhone 5 directly without the battery inside
    Portable Folding Design Protects Panels and Accessory Compartment with Zipper
    High efficiency : PET Anti-scratch hardened tech

portable and foldable solar panel that will directly charge small electronics like smart phones and GPS units

With built-in smart chip, it has unique automatic start function controlled by software. On cloudy days the solar energy stops working and when it comes fine, it does not need to plug the connectors when charging iPhone and iPad, it would automatically resume work controlled by software.

The solar panel features a standard USB port to plug your device's charging cable directly into. Use the Dual port 12VDC output, with included car/vehicle plug adapter, to charge electronics like satellite phones. The weather resistant SP10B solar panel loops to secure it to surfaces like tents for catching optimal sunlight, or back packs to catch a charge during a hike.