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Name: Magnet Base Dual Color Flashing
Hausbell 3-in-1 Auto Emerangcy Flashlight with Magnet Base Dual Color Flashing

Product Name: Hausbell 3-in-1 Auto Emerangcy Flashlight with Magnet Base Dual Color Flashing

UPC: 602938446228

Product Features:
1. 3-in-1 Auto Safety Flashlight: durable aluminum construction with magnetic base, 3 light modes - flashlight, work light, and red strobe - perfect car roadside emergency light to help your in a breakdown or to signal others.
Hands-Free Lighting: Magnetic base attaches to metal surfaces so you can work hands free or attach to your car as a roadside flare with red Strobe.
Durable Design: solid military-grade brushed metal aluminum body and a powerful magnetic clip; 360° rotating swivel hook for easy attach.
Multitask Helper: Use it from the front as a flashlight with focus beam shooting long distance; Use it from the side light as work light with flood light broadcasting larger area.
Peace of Mind: The flashlight for household, auto, camping, emergency, workshop, outdoors, auto emergencies and more.

Product Description:

The Hausbell 3-in-1 Auto Emerangcy Flashlight is an ultra bright multi-use handheld LED flashlight. With three modes (flashlight, work light, and flashing red signal) this light is your go-to utility light for any need. The front light is bright enough as a general flashlight while the side work light puts out powerful beam for a wider area of optimal visibility. Featuring a strong magnetic base, you can attach it to a metal surface for hands free work in the dark. Keep this led magnetic light in your roadside tool kit for peace of mind during an automotive breakdown. Better to prepare two, one is for illuminating your work area and another one is used to warn others with flashing red signal which can easily be seen from a distance.
It is really an ideal co-worker and company for your daily work and use.

When being seen could save your life, this might just be a life saver
Hausbell 3-in-1 Auto Emerangcy LED lights make you easily visible
Magnetic base to attach to your car, boat, trailer or camping equipment
Bright colour with attention grabbing red/white stripes
Hausbell 3-in-1 Auto Emerangcy LED lights must have for all motorists!