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Name: Science Bionic Ear Electronic Listening and Digital Recording Device
Hausbell ® Science Bionic Ear Electronic Listening and Digital Recording Device Nature Observing/Recording Listening Device Toy / Game
Bullet Points:

1 Recommended for children 6-years of age and older
2 Adjustable sensitivity control eliminates unwanted background noises
3 Look through the targeting scope and then pull the trigger to amplify sounds
4 Listen to conversations or other sounds without being detected from up to 300-feet away
5 Highly sensitive microphone picks up soft whispers and transmits audio through the included headphones


Close to listen to the sounds of nature. The product is a versatile device for which you will soon find a variety of uses. 
It's ideal for studying birds and wildlife.The powerful viewing optics make subjects appear 8 times closer.The sound detecting system is powerful enough to pick up a human conversation at a distance of 100meters or more.Faint bird songs are readily detected.each record time is 12 seconds! 

Package includes: 

Parabolic dish×1 
Deluxe headphone×1 
Operating handle×1 
instruction manual×1 


CHOKING HAZARD-small parts.Not suitable for children under 6 years. 
Don't aim your product at the sun or anywhere near the sun! 
Adult supervision is strongly recommended when children are using this device. 

blocks out harmful noise above 85 decibels for super-safe sonic sleuthing. Perfect for science experiments and wildlife adventures. It's the ultimate eavesdropper. Requires one 9-volt battery (not included). 

Educational Insights Sonic Sleuth. This powerful, handheld listening device tunes in to sounds from over 300 feet away. The state-of-the-art Sonic Sleuth features a high-sensitivity microphone, parabolic sound collection dish, high-quality headphones, and sound targeting scope. Built-in frequency controller.